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      About Us

              Kangbo Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, where it enjoys the reputation of the "International Garden City on the sea". Its industrial headquarters is adjacent to the beautiful Jimei Cultural and educational district and across the sea from Gulangyu ,it is the world cultural heritage.
      Kangbo Machinery Group is the pioneer manufacturer in Asia with core product technology, advanced production equipment and product process .
      Kangbo is specializing in the production of middle and high class construction hoists, industrial hoists, Platforms and other vertical transportation equipment, R&D adheres to the innovative ideas of standardization, modularization, assembly and Intellectualization , which subverts the traditional production mode in the industry.
      The products are used in housing, road and bridge construction, industrial plants, ports and docks, power plants, etc., The sales market is all over countries and regions at home and abroad, and kangbo have customer service centers in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.
              Kangbo group is a member unit of China Standardization Committee, a national high- tech enterprise, a national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise and a leading enterprise of science and technology little giant. The products have obtained the CE certification of TUV South German (the most authoritative CE certification body in the world). Kangbo has participated in the revision and preparation of national standards, industrial standards and group standards

      1.Construction lifts for goods - Part 1: Lift capable of carrying people (No.GB / t10054.1-2021)
      2.Vertical transportation hoist for carrying passengers and cargo (No.GB/T 26557-2021)
      3. Operating rules for safe use of construction hoist (No.GB/T 34023-2017)
      4.Lifting work platform guide climbing work platform (No.GB/T27547-2011)
      5.Special rack and pinion elevator for industrial equipment and facilities
      6.Safety technical rules for intelligent control of construction hoist
      7.Rack and pinion hoist for industrial equipment and facilities (No.T/CCMA 0117-2021)
      8.Fujian safety inspection standard for construction hoisting machinery (No.DBJ/T13-67-2021)



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